Full Feature Insta App designed by Honista Team

Honista is an Instagram mod developed by Honista Team. It has many advanced features that are missing from the official Instagram App. Download Honista and enjoy amazing features.


If you are unhappy with the limitations and restrictions of the original Instagram app, don’t worry. Download and install the new Instagram mod app “Honista” for free on your smartphone and tablet.

People who use apps and games for entertainment are kind enough to say that they prefer mods or pro versions of apps and games over the original apps and games. This happens because mod versions provide users with additional features and tools that cannot be obtained from the original app or game.

If you like to use mods or pro versions of apps and games then you will also like to download honista and install this new app which we are sharing here. In this article, we have provided the  Honista file for free to all users.

What is Honista?

As mentioned above, this is the latest version of Instagram app developed and released by Honista team for android and iOS users worldwide who want to use their Instagram account for free with additional features and more privacy.

Similar to any other social app, Instagram also includes several restrictions that make this app boring. Therefore, users need to remove all these restrictions to use the Instagram app as they wish.

To help these Instagram users, third-party developers have released this new Apk with new and additional features briefly described in the article below. Apart from the additional features mentioned below, users will get several other exciting features when they download honista and install this new app on their devices.

One thing to consider while using this new PAP is that it is neither legal nor safe to download and use. However, many users still love this app because it has lots of new features and tools. Download and install this app at your own risk.

If you have downloaded this app, please do not use your Insta account in this app. Use fake information and enjoy all the extras below in your account. Besides this new app, you can try other Instagram tools from our website mentioned below for free.

Honista Features

The new and upgraded mod version of Honista PK will help users with the special features and additional benefits as mentioned below

Theme and user interface 

In this tab, users can get different themes and styles, and they can change the chat and background image to any image they want.


In this tab, users can get different font styles, story fonts and more fonts which users can easily change in app settings

Ghost mode 

On the tab, users will get the following special features that they cannot get in the original app, such as: 

-Use ghost mode 

-ghost story 

– ghost chat 

– live ghost


This feature helps users to lock private chats and allows users to hide chats from other users.

Other Features 

The new app also allows users to upload public JSON and other data files and media materials. You will also have direct access to the following Instagram mod features such as content, chat and many more things that you will know after downloading honista.



Download Honista

🔄 Version 7.0
✅ Size 71 Mb
📱 Available on Android 4.0+
🏆 App Name Honista
📸 Last updated 1 day ago
📝 Genre  instagram

How to download and use Honista Application

Similar to various dating and other social apps, users will download and install this new app for free from official or third-party app stores. If you are looking for the direct app download links or button of this new application, you need to download and install it for free from our website.

To download this latest application from our website, click on the direct download link provided at the end of this article. Allow all permissions while installing the app and also allow anonymous settings in secure settings.

After installing the app, when you open it, you will see the main dashboard of the app where you need to create an account or enter this new app with your Instagram content. After logging into your account, you will see the menu mentioned below on your screen.

  • Home

  • Privacy

  • Theme &UI

  • App Font

  • Discover

  • Fans

  • Add

  • Account

Choose the option you like from the menu above and start chatting with your loved ones privately and with new font styles and free emojis.

  • What is Instagram Honista?

This is a new version of Instagram mod updated with premium features that users cannot get from their Instagram ID. Like any other third party app, users can unlock all the amazing features and functionality for free.

  • Where users will get the latest version of honista free Download Link?

Users cannot get the Apk file of this new honista Apk from Google Play Store and other app stores for free. But they will get free Instagram honista from our offlinemodapk website.

  • What key features users will get on the Burning Honista file for free?

The latest version of the Honista APK will provide you with these amazing features for free : 

  • Download Videos

  • Toolbar Buttons

  • Vice Note

  • Profile Picture

  • Show Post

  • Media materials

  • Post Buttons

  • User interface

  • Fix Bugs

  • Story Buttons

  • Anti Ban

  • Direct Mark

  • Target Text

  • Online Status

After you have installed this app, you will get to know about many other exciting features Honista APK offers. 

  • Is it safe and legal to use Honista App over the official Instagram app?

Just like previous versions of Honista Apk, this latest version is also not safe and legal to download and use as its Mod features affect your Instagram account security. 

How to download photos and albums within the Honista app?

You simply need to press the download button under each post for a copy of the photos and albums and then your Insta Honissa account can automatically upload your photos to your own Android phone device.

Changes to Interface

The interface is a little different from Instagram. The interface is easy yet powerful and allows for quick sharing of photos and videos of what is going on within yourself.

Download Instagram stories from Honista app

By installing Honista applications you can get Instagram status, method of downloading story Honista application. You can also download instagram photos from this app with a single click.

No cost to use

The product was highly appreciated amongst Indonesians particularly since the interface is very simple and very quick to use.

Content and Ads control filters

So that we could tailor Honista to each user, we took into account user requirements, we added filters and improvements. You could change what content you find in Honista.

Enlarge Instagram profile picture by Honista

The honista app supports Instagram saving and expanding images, as shown above. – Save the Instagram profile pictures as follows.

Special features exclusive to Honista

All of our settings are customizable and controllable, therefore we have provided you a whole section for setting the tools you want and what they appear on your screen. The features have been automatically enabled and you can delete them easily.

First: remove ads and suggestions

This group contains options letting people control advertising.

Honista Insta font change

By using Honista APK, you can modify the Instagram fonts and the Instagram stories fonts, as is the case with the Instagram Kira app and it is also the new iPhone Emoji that many people use iPhone Instagram for Android. This doesn’t make any sense to me if I used to download Honista apk’s Instagram Font Changer. If you want Instagram emoji, just follow this simple process.

Second: post filters

The options on these groups will help you control which materials will be presented to them.

Control internet consumption in Honista

It does not matter what you do when you run out of internet plans anymore because the content is excellent and you don’t have to worry anymore because our system allows users to minimize the amount of bandwidth used on the internet.

Downloading media is now easier by using Honista

The new feature of Honista allows you to easily download photos or video files directly from mobile phone using the application to a PC or Mac without downloading any third-party applications. Download photos, videos and stories about the use of Honista in many ways.

Direct media download

You can simply click the downloaded image or video icon at the top of the page and then start downloading directly.